"Driving Your Success" program supports student retention. Thanks to the involvement of mentors and driver-mentors by inspiring and encouraging students to achieve their personal and scholastic objectives.

TRIOOMPH Challenge


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The program has had a huge impact on our students. Their mentor-driver became their idol and their role model.
Josée Coulombe, enseignante, École primaire Marie-Derome, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
What I really hope to accomplish is to trigger something in these youths: encourage them to believe in their potential and get them working toward their dreams.
Étienne Borgeat, pilote-mentor, président de PCO Innovation
It was a big motivational boost from anyone who had gone through his own personal challenges and despite all the hurdles has been successful in turning his dream into reality.
Christine Villiard, directrice adjointe, École secondaire Dalbé-Viau, Lachine