Interested to become a mentor?

Have you experienced challenges in school perseverance? Are you an entrepreneur? A Professional? Do you want to share your life experience that has led you to achieve your dreams and goals despite the difficulties encountered? This mentor role is for you! For an 8-month period you will be paired with a school (between 75 – 100 youths) and enable them to believe in their dreams.

By becoming a mentor for the TRIOOMPH Foundation, you allow young people to believe in their dreams.

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By phone: 514-910-7177

Each driver-mentor is paired with a school and directly interacts with it throughout the year.


How it works

A conference is given by the mentor in order to promote the importance of dreaming. Its objective is to demonstrate that success does not occur without effort and to motivate youth to continue their studies. Two other visits between the school and the mentor are planned during the school year (February and April) before the presentation of the TRIOOMPH certificates to youth by the mentor and the school’s teachers.

For the young people who will be selected to participate in the «TRIOOMPH AWARD DAYS» they take place in June of the same year, after the end of the program at school level.